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National Commission on the Dublon Incident

The National Commission on the Dublon Incident (also known as the Chest Dublonis Commission), an independent commission created on January 15th, 1994, consisting of members from five countries, is chartered to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the February 25th, 1993 - March 7th, 1993 outbreak of Chest Dublonis, including the immediate response and containment of the outbreak. The Commission is also mandated to investigate the treatment of the survivors after the outbreak and provide a complete directory of those affected.

After over ten years of confidential research the Commission has finally been given clearance to make public much of its findings. The Commission has been striving to release its research to the public, as was originally intended, but politically it has not been possible for one or more of the five countries funding the project until now. This website is the first step, and in the future public hearings will be held. There was originally one final report commissioned, but as more information was obtained it quickly became clear that a yearly update on the final report would be needed. In short, this Commission is ongoing, as there are still over 6,000 survivors with Chest Dublonis and many questions unanswered, there is no clear end to our research.

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The first part of the laborous undertaking of uploading the Cista Dublonis Directory to the website has begun. [more]

The Commission has finished uploading the complete list of names of people with cista dublonis to the directory. [more]

Professor Eamon P. Patterson has volunteered his mind mapping services to the commission. [more]

Commission Members

Albert E. Mettle

Lloyd Jones
Vice Chair

Margaret Thomas
Richard Usborne
Elinor Bowser
Samuel Gibbs
Robert Lynder
William Eckersley
Jesse Marehalau
Gareth Vallely

Commission Staff

Dan Blanton
Executive Director

Florence Meeder
Deputy Executive Director

Adda William
General Counsel

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